Happy Mother’s Day

DMV 3s
When I got back from Utah, I found these beautiful flowers in Mom’s room. 

Before I knew how far Mom’s memory had fallen, I made plans to spend Mother’s Day with a couple of my Utah daughters and my grand-kids. I haven’t spent Mother’s Day with my oldest in many years, and for many reasons, I needed to be with her this year. But after I bought my ticket, I had this profound moment of remorse, because there is a good chance that this is the last Mother’s Day that my mother will recognize me.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that next year, I am once again writing ‘this might be the last year…’ I am trying to stay hopeful, but in my heart, I just don’t know.

Everything worked out just fine, and I’m so glad that I went to Utah, and Mom didn’t feel a bit neglected. My husband was on the road in eastern Oregon, so two of my Oregon daughters, along with Grandma Edith, went over and ate dinner with Mom at her AL facility. From the sound of it, they had a really nice visit.

I talked with Mom three times throughout the day. Each time, she thanked me for calling. I know that she didn’t remember any previous calls, but I’m learning to have peace with that. It’s just comforting to know that she is happy, and knows that she is loved.


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